Our Services Trade 

We are pleased to provide our customers with diverse expertise in the fields of trade and a deep understanding of the requirements of the local and international markets, and in this context we are working in the processing factories and laboratories and the supply of vehicles and industrial equipment and materials and accessories construction next to the service logistics, security and military authorities, and what we offer maintenance and the supply of equipment and supplies to various military sectors in cooperation with our partners abroad.

Construction and building materials

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Aswarzan leader in the import and sale of building materials to meet the needs of all customers by providing the best materials and standards and cost competitive quality we seek to be easy to get the client on what is new in the world of construction.

Marine equipment

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aswarzan and through many of our overseas partners provide support and maintenance services as well as import and sale of marine equipment and spare parts, and I have taken it upon themselves to provide technical high quality and modern, our existing in this field has made us in the first row and we have achieved that public confidence in the level of government sectors and private.

Spare parts

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Working to provide various spare parts of various kinds and through a variety of sources and global manufacturers, whether equipment and military vehicles or machines and Mkann manufacturing, and through this service we have many professional technical personnel and trained on the maintenance and operating businesses.

Medical equipment and laboratory

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aswarzan company prides itself on dealing with health and private hospitals and the main government sector, through the provision of specialized medical devices of the largest and most prestigious companies in the field of manufacturing equipment and medical supplies, and next to that of maintenance and provide follow-up services patrol to ensure the continued functioning of medical devices properly at the hands of experts and engineers work and highly qualified.

Offices and work sites processing

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aswarzan company within a short time occupied a leading position in the field of processing and office furnishing, companies and banks as well as the building and the establishment of warehouses and Vq standards of safety and quality, the basic foundation we have in this case, is to provide the latest models and the finest materials and the most effective and the process according to the work environment extends the installation of security protection systems of surveillance cameras and sensors and contraindications and hack computers and workstations and networks extend all of this is at the hands of skilled technicians trained to do the artwork.

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