X-ray Generators

Scanna recommends the Golden XR range of well tried and tested pulsed portable x-ray generators for a variety of defence, security, forensic search and investigative tasks:

These pulsed Golden XR generators are battery powered and operate across the full range of Scanna x-ray imaging systems.  They can be fired manually using the x-ray delay button or via standoff cable when using CR imaging plates or by fully  controlled by  ScanView Imaging software when linked to a digital DR x-ray system (Scantrak/Scanwedge/Scansilc).

The XR200 and XRS-3 models operate with the snap-on SCANDEM Dual Energy module to provide organic and inorganic material separation which can assist in the detection of concealed threats such as explosives, narcotics, biological material, firearms, weapons, batteries, detonators.

canna X-ray Systems come complete with a high speed, 160 GB laptop running Scanna’s powerful ScanView x-ray control and imaging software.

ScanView lets you control and fire your Golden portable x-ray generator from a safe distance and is also a powerful image enhancement program with image capture, image stitching, an incident and image management database and image exporting functions.

Scanview Software is preinstalled on all Scanna x-ray systems including Scantrak, Scanwedge, Scanna CR35 and Scansilc. ScanView is also available as a standalone software product to integrate with other CR x-ray systems such as ScanX12 and ScanX Scout.

ScanView will integrate with robot transmission systems to give you an integrated system utilising robot long range data communications.


Flexray X-ray Image Plate Mounting Systems provide the ability to combine multiple CR image plates into a variety of formats to inspect larger surface areas in a single x-ray shot. The ability to examine large objects or surface areas in a single x-ray shot, reducing your returns to the target area and ultimately your time on task.

The Flexray kit can fix two or more plates together in a variety of different configurations  depending on the size of the area needing investigation and the specifics of the task. Flexray systems are compatible with most CR plates and are available in in  the standard size of 35 x 43 cm as well as the longer length 35 x 90 cm and 35 x 130 cm sizes. The longer length plates can  be deployed to check areas of almost 2 sqm in a single x-ray shot. The resulting x-ray images can then be stitched into a single large image using Scanna’s Scanview x-ray imaging software.

Flexray image plate kits include velcro fastenings, guy ropes, eyelet, suction cups giving you the flexibility to freestand or hang your image plates behind the target or to directly attach them to the area of interest.

Applications include:

  • Wall examination/building protection
  • Vehicle Panel Inspection for hidden contraband
  • Fuel tank inspection
  • Pipe inspection
  • Large suitcase or parcel investigation
  • Large UXO inspection
  • Weapons Exploitation


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