The demand for satellite capability increases steadily, and must communications systems to evolve quickly to work on multiple frequencies and in military operations and security functions be needed field teams to the communication possibilities of high efficiency are the transport and movement easily, fast and effective, especially in the rugged areas. and places of vaccination, we are working with great importance on attracting the latest technologies in this field through continuous dealt with many international companies in it and that is compatible with the military and security standards, which must be where many technical advantages such as speeding available in the installation and reduce as much as possible of gear required for operation and transport speed and easy handling on the devices, including voice, data, image quality, and ease the high demand for bandwidth and to achieve a low level of security compared to the cost of commercial satellite.
These advanced technologies must be accompanied by training and rehabilitation until the maximum benefit from them so we evaluate courses for professionals in this area to deal with the various devices and use them to achieve through hands-on training and creating virtual events.

Electronic security systems:
Working to provide auxiliary systems on complex networks resource-related gear performance and its various monitoring systems and innervate collected and monitored through a single window is done by providing centralized visibility and control over the entire network, helping to improve operational efficiency response time to accidents.