We provide correct information in a timely manner

In today's world which is shaped by and posed data and information, we aim to deliver the right information at the right time and is currently being used by our law enforcement and intelligence services such as the police, army and government agencies all over the world bodies. In addition extensive experience, we needed to work and contracting with government agencies skills are being, and in more than 44 countries around the world use our products by the authorities entrusted with the implementation of the law we are able to develop easy to use and very high performance, taking into account the end-user of the tools needed programs necessary to enable him to reach the required information as well as the ability to exchange and share data when needed.

- Intelligence management system:
System features fast and easy especially well data and media of various visual media Kalmqata or audio of various kinds was also able to link the characteristics and advantages of making the process of searching for the easiest data and faster and through the critical processes related to access to information is the right time advantage becomes getting the right information and be connected to the concerned authorities is a very important and through the system the user can take a picture or create a video file or attach any other type of file. File is sent automatically to the database in a room command and control operations where it can be found on the spot and with the help of especially graphic integrated system mapping tools can be the headquarters of the leadership also follow up and determine where you are sending the file as it is characterized by multilingualism and speed to help decision.

- Data Analysis System:
The possibility of this program access to data from multiple sources is analyzed and prominence visual effects can access this application by the customer enhanced Thick client or via a web browser and when you use a program all data can be browsed Visual Effects - diagrams, pictures, etc. Maps. ..
Also enables his data and visual composition user bases of understanding of the complex relationships between private implementation of specific queries for many different Massadralamalomat data sets query as the graphical editor analyzing trends trends and identify patterns through research in the previous data sources and user can assigns program settings quickly without the need to write code. The strength of the design point advantage and excellence in business environments experiencing rapid developments and needs are considered as a great advantage when it comes to the sources of the old data and applications dealing with applications.

- A system for the management of incidents in the mobile command centers:
It is a program for the management of accident and is used in mobile command centers, providing transfer of information from the geographic locations allow the joint's operational team to plan the process and communicate and act more quickly and safely and effectively proved this program effective field as allowing the user to control the incident and the exchange of data with room service operations and determine the elements of the job site and the full supervision of the process from start to eventually.
The advantage of the system in addition to the above:
- Send the site to the information network using geolocation GPS system or by placing a marker on the map site.
- Appointment "folders Watch" Watch Folders, which automatically detect any data set and where you download.
- Sharing data declared about the accident.
- View pictures from other incidents sites.
- Create a reality of the incident directly.
- Monitoring all users of field locations, or only those assigned to specific Bmuammlah.
- Control program settings to suit the current situation and ensure access to necessary data only.

- Access to secure data system:
Through this program can access data securely via any Internet browser on various electronic devices anywhere in the world. This program also features a built-in interface allows through which the users and operators of the operation room command and control in determining the location of the incident after the connection secure network and when it is operating room create an image of joint operational terms merge the information with the details of the operation in about the same time the regime is characterized Bachsais of which feature display an image high-quality, feature zoom in and out, invert the colors, and the liquidation of gray, wrapping the pictures, comparing images side by side.